We Need to Act Now Regarding Green Energy

It’s getting down to the wire. The news has been out about climate change, renewable energy, and how we need to act immediately if we want to have a sustainable future. There is a major problem behind the awareness because most people are aware, but they are relying on political leaders to solve every problem,… Read more »

California Building Energy Efficient Code: Effective Jan 1, 2020

There are upcoming changes to the Energy Code that will apply to any building permit that is submitted to the building department on or after their last business day of 2019. We want every homeowner and business owner to be aware of the changes and application process. This is important for applicants to get their… Read more »

California’s Plan for Solar Panels on Homes

By 2020, all new homes built within California will be required to have solar panels installed on the rooftops of all the homes.  These will have onsite battery storage, and developers will be challenged with abiding by the new set of codes that makes these buildings energy-efficient. Why is this significant in the world of… Read more »