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Rick’s Energy Solutions Delivering Field Tests and Energy Inspections

We understand the difficult times right now in our country and around the world. At Rick’s Energy Solutions, we are continuing to work for our residents in California by conducting field tests and energy inspections during the COVID-19 crisis.  Our staff has been supplied with masks, gloves, and booties to help protect our clients and their homes… Read more »

Your Goals for Rebuilding Home After Wildfires

Preventing devastation in our community from future wildfires is the state of California’s number one priority. California is looking to improve the health and safety of homes through different Green Building tactics, so that our future can be dedicated to fighting harmful climate impacts and doing our part as citizens in joining the cause. What… Read more »

Going Green After California Wildfires

The California wildfires in Sonoma County were devastating to the region. Homes were destroyed and families left with having to deal with the rebuild and recovery. It’s a stressful time to get your life back together. One way to rebuild the right way is to go green! Rick’s Energy Solutions can help you, as a… Read more »

Rebuilding Your California Home Damaged by Wildfires

The wildfires that affected the state of California that past few years have devastated so many families and their homes all throughout the state. Rebuilding your home can be a very exhausting after going through a wildfire, but it needs to be done. This time around, there are ways to improve your home all around… Read more »

Blower Door Tests for Energy Efficient Homes

Here at Rick’s Energy Solutions, we offer a blower test as part of our Green Building services. This would be a significant value to you when you’re in the process of building a new home or business in California. There are plenty of benefits of sustainable, energy-efficient building design. What is a Blower Door Test?… Read more »

Air Tightness and Energy Savings

With air tightness in your home, you will be saving on energy costs. This is a great opportunity for homeowners to take because our bills are always increasing. If you can cut your energy bills and help save the environment, then you’re helping set a precedent for other people. Air Tightness in Your Home If… Read more »

Are Solar Cars Coming?

Car and solar companies are really diving deep into the green energy game with developing solar powered cars.  The world is changing with the clean energy movement, and electric cars are just the starting point. The Lightyear One is an electric car covered in solar panels.  The solar panels cover the roof and hood, and… Read more »

Are Your Energy Bills Increasing?

If your energy bills are increasing by the month, there could be more issues with your home than you think.  There are many reasons why your energy bills could be going up.  Simple home evaluations can solve this problem and get you back to saving energy and money. Simple Changes Some changes can be made… Read more »

How Does Moisture Get into Your Home?

Moisture in your home can cause many different problems including mold and mildew growth, which can ultimately affect your health and your home’s condition. If you have moisture in your home, attack the situation immediately. The Cause of Moisture Moisture in your home can occur when there may be poor ventilation in the attic, poor… Read more »

Why is Green Building Important?

In California, Green building is required with new housing across the state, which means there are a set of regulations when building any new home. This is extremely important for the benefit of our environment and energy use in the country. What is it? It’s a set of regulations when building new homes that decreases… Read more »