How to Keep Your Home Warm Without A Rising Energy Bill

When we talk about cutting your energy bill, one of the pushbacks we often hear is about the winter.

If we’re cutting back on energy, won’t our homes be cold? Don’t we need heat (and therefore, energy) to keep our homes comfortable during colder months?

Our answer is simple: you can keep your home warm without a rising energy bill.

Use your window curtains strategically

Warm Home in WinterWe often forget that we have an unlimited source of warmth right outside of our homes: the sun! And it should be used to your advantage.

The way to do this? Use the windows!

During the day, keep window curtains open, so the sun can naturally heat your rooms. At night, close them, so the cold from the window doesn’t come in as much.

What’s your leak plan?

One of the easiest ways to lose heat in your home stems from leaks. Air ducts that have openings, chimneys that aren’t closed all the way, and any spaces in cabinetry that haven’t been sealed are the usual suspects.

That said, do a complete assessment of your home, and find where heat is getting out. Once completed, come up with a plan to seal them before winter arrives.

Don’t forget the fireplace

Finally, we have to talk about Public Enemy No. 1. When it comes to losing heat, that’s the fireplace. Ironically enough, the place that creates heat for your home can also be where it’s lost most. That is because the damper is often left open, even when fires are not being made, which lets cold air in, and hot air out. If you never use the hearth, then caulk it up. Stop losing heat today!

With these three tips in mind, your energy bill will stop rising, but your heat will stay put. So, you’ll not only save money, but also, be ready for the winter.

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