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Our green building consulting, auditing & home performance testing services will have your home running at peak performance for efficiency, lower maintenance and comfort.

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Builders & Architects

Our customers may benefit from the services in one or more of the following ways: Reduced carbon footprint for the building thru the reduction of energy use by the building and reduced carbon impact by green building techniques. Improved comfort for the building occupants thru the use of excellent design techniques for the building envelope and the building heating and air conditioning systems. Improved durability and longevity of the building thereby reducing the amount of materials moved to landfills during the life of the building.

Services we offer:

Energy Consulting

Our Certified Energy Analysts will determine ways to reduce the energy consumption of your proposed building, and provide you with the energy documentation needed to demonstrate compliance with the Title 24 Energy Standards and to apply for your build permit.

HERS Testing and Verification

During a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) test, we’ll conduct all of the HERS tests and verifications required by your Title 24 Energy Compliance Analysis, and certify your home’s compliance with them.

California Green Building Code

As one of the top green building consultants in the nation, our team at Rick’s Energy Solutions, Inc. specializes in assisting home owners, designers, and contractors with adhering to the standards of the California Green Building Code (CALGreen).

Title 24 Compliance

Our expert consultants are constantly working to provide our clients with the most effective methods to design and construct buildings that equal or exceed the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards and Green Building Standards.

HVAC Services

By utilizing our HVAC sizing services you can build assured that your project has a comfortable and efficient heating and air conditioning system, designed precisely for your project’s needs.

About Rick's Energy Solutions

We are…

CABEC Energy Analysts, ICC CALGreen Special Inspectors, Build It Green GreenPoint Raters, and CalCERTS & CHEERS HERS Raters.

Green Energy Building Consultations & Energy Solutions

Finding Issues and Improving Energy Efficiency

Many lighting fixtures and appliances use more energy than they should, but it can be difficult to detect. The HERS raters from Rick’s Energy Solutions Inc. can find these kinds of problems during energy audits and offer solutions for improvement. We identify hidden issues and come up with ways to make sure your home consumes less energy. Our solutions include air duct redesign, air sealing, lighting and appliance upgrades, window upgrades, faucet and water fixture replacement and more. We work alongside architects, designers and contractors as they build new homes and commercial buildings and renovate existing structures to make them as green as possible.

It doesn't take a lot of human energy to save a lot of real energy...

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At Rick’s Energy Solutions Inc., we consider it a privilege to play such an important role in the future of our planet. We would be happy to provide you with an evaluation of your home or planned project. Our consulting for green building and energy solutions in California will show you where improvements can be made to your home or business to protect the environment.

Rick’s Energy Solutions Inc. is certified by the California Association of Building and Energy Consultants (CABEC), Build It Green, Efficiency First, the International Code Council (ICC) and CalCERTs. Call us at (707) 578-5380 today for more information on our consulting for green building and energy solutions in California.