Energy Efficiency & Conservation Consultants

 Rick’s Energy Solutions are Energy Conservation and Green Building Consultants who assist home owners, contractors and designers in the preparation and submission of California Title 24 energy conservation and Green Building compliance documents. We are certified Energy Star HERS Raters and are available for both residential and commercial energy audits in the San Francisco Bay Area including Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake, Marin and Napa Counties.

We also assist home owners, contractors and designers to prepare their plans and documents to build Certified GreenPoint Rated new homes and Certified GreenPoint Rated existing home remodels and additions.  We are certified CALGreen Special Inspectors who can help builders prepare their CALGreen Checklists and perform CALGreen Field Verification Inspections.

We can prepare the documentation required for obtaining the Energy Star rating on new homes as well as the documents required to be submitted to the IRS for tax rebates for energy conservation measures and photo voltaic renewable energy systems for new homes.  We are certified PHIUS+ Raters for Passive House projects and can help builders with the DOE Challenge Home certification.

We are HERS raters qualified to perform HERS verification of new home photo voltaic renewable energy systems and new home Title 24 Energy Conservation measures required for building permits, Energy Star rating and tax rebates.

We do Home Energy Audits and evaluate homes for their Green Building environmental impacts and their carbon footprint.

Rick’s Energy Solutions are …

Certified Energy Plans Examiners
Certified Energy Analysts
Certified Green Building Professionals
Certified GreenPoint Raters
Certified Home Energy Rating System Raters (HERS Raters)
Certified CALGreen Special Inspectors

Rick’s Energy Solutions are members of …

California Association of Building Energy Consultants (CABEC)
Build It Green
Efficiency First
International Code Council (ICC)

Rick’s Energy Solutions Would Like to Introduce Our Staff:

Rick Cowperthwaite

Rick Cowperthwaite; Owner, Building Science Consultant

Rick Cowperthwaite is the heart and soul of Rick’s Energy Solutions. With more than thirty-five years’ experience in the construction industry, Rick is specially tailored to advise homeowners, builders, and architects, on how to reduce energy costs and improve the comfort levels and environmental qualities of every site. With keen knowledge in single/multi-family homes, new and existing, and non-residential buildings, Rick has been at the forefront of energy consulting since 1978, and has continued to quickly learn and adapt with the industry. With new, periodically released energy standards and codes, Rick stays up to date with the most recent findings in Energy Efficiency, encouraging his team to do the same.

Rick founded Rick’s Energy Solutions in 2008, with a vision of Saving the Environment One Building at a Time.


Anna Ullerich

Anna Ullerich, Worksheets Financial Accountant

Anna and her team at Worksheets Financial build systems and strategies for sustainable, thoughtful growth. They joined the Rick’s Energy Solutions’ team to develop Rick’s Accounting Department, utilizing the most current tools and systems to fully support the company goals of socially and environmentally responsible growth and efficiency. With years of experience and a talent for money management, Anna has been an important character with the company since she began working with Rick in 2015.

Ullerich holds a B.A. from Prescott College and has deepened her education with graduate coursework in Geography, Environmental Justice, Urban Planning, Writing, Business and Economics.


Milagros Maxi Vizcaino

Milagros Maxi Vizcaino; California Green Building Professional (CBGP), Sustainability Coordinator,

Milagros Vizcaino joined Rick’s Energy Solutions in the Summer of 2018 as the Sustainability Coordinator, where she harmonizes the scheduling of the CalCERTS and California HERS field testing/verification services. Vizcaino shared, “I wanted to be a member of this team, because I believe in the services that this company provides and I wanted to be a part of the positive change they are helping create”. She is now (working to become) a Built It Green Certified Green Building Professional to further learn and grow. Vizcaino is a strong community and social services professional who has spent more than five years merging art and sustainability into simple, thought provoking learning programs for her local community.

Vizcaino holds her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Notre Dame de Namur University, with a special minor in Community and Criminal Justice.


Adrienne Tatman

Adrienne Tatman; Certified Energy Analyst

Working hard to become a Certified Energy Analyst, Tatman has been a member of Rick’s Energy Solutions since 2017. “After the [Sonoma] wildfires it’s nice to help people rebuild, “Tatman shared. A quick and avid learner, Tatman has already passed one of her California Association of Building Energy Consultants (CABEC) exams, and is eagerly awaiting her next hurdle with the company.

Adrienne Tatman holds her Bachelors of Art in Environmental Studies from Sonoma State University.



Andrew Hoss

Andrew Hoss; Certified Energy Analyst

Hoss has over five years’ experience in building consultation over four years of experience in the energy sector and shared, “I enjoy interacting and helping clients build an energy efficient home.” As a certified green building professional, Hoss has been with the company since 2014 a Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) for Residential and Non-Residential buildings.

Hoss holds his Bachelors of Science in Energy Management from Sonoma State University, CA.


Babette “Barbie” Beaudette

Babette “Barbie” Beaudette; Certified Energy Management

Babette Beaudette, or “Barbie” as she prefers to be called, has been with Rick’s Energy Solutions since 2014. Beaudette has obtained several certificates, including, but not limited to, green building. She’s earned certifications as a BPI Multifamily & Building Analyst, and dual credentials as a LEED AP (BD+C & EB-OM). She is a currently Certified Energy Analyst for Residential & Non-Residential building, a CalCERTS HERS & Energy Star Rater, and a Certified GreenPoint Rater for Single and Multifamily Homes, both existing and new. Barbie shared,” I really enjoy assisting our clients, whether by helping them understand the various codes impact on their construction, or overcoming other issues they encounter in their projects…,” when asked why she has stayed so long with Rick’s Energy Solutions.

Beaudette has a B.S. in Business Administration from CSU Sacramento, concentration in Real Estate Land Use Affairs, with a special minor in Construction Management Tech & Project Administration.

Bipin Karki

Bipin Karki; Certified Energy Analyst

Bipin Karki is the newest member of the Rick’s Energy Solutions team, joining the company in the later of 2018. He is a  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional, specializing in Operations and Maintenance (LEED AP O+M).  Karki’s undergraduate studies, in Mechanical Engineering,  provided him insight knowledge and hands on experience in clean energy, energy modeling, auditing energy usage and identifying conservation measures.

Karki holds his Master of Science in Renewable and Clean Energy from the University of Dayton, OH with a concentration in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.


Kelsie Titus

Kelsie Titus; Certified Energy Analyst

While wrapping up her final year at Sonoma State University, Kelsie Titus joined the Rick’s Energy Solutions Team in the Summer of 2018 and quickly began her training to become a Certified Energy Analyst. Titus is environmentally conscious and has been working in the field of sustainability in the years leading up to becoming an Energy Analyst. Both her knowledge and her positive attitude make her a valued asset at Rick’s Energy Solutions.

Titus is expecting to receive her Bachelors degree from Sonoma State University in the Fall of 2018.


Sean Stephens

Sean Stephens; Certified Energy Analyst

Stephens joined Rick’s Energy Solutions in 2015, as a member of the energy analyst team. Since his hire, he has been a star with clients, by helping them meet and exceed the energy standards of their buildings. Dedicated to a greener future, Stephens project management skills and attention to detail are always put to work to deliver the most efficient solutions, saving homes energy and saving homeowners on energy bills.

Stephens holds his Bachelors of Science in Energy Management from Sonoma State University.


Angel Garza

Angel Garza; GreenPoint Rater, HERS Rater, ICC CALGreen Special Inspector

Garza has worked hard to apply her skills in clean energy consulting, building design, and data analytics to help the clients Rick’s Energy Solutions (RES) serves. After studying Energy Management and Design at Sonoma State University, she continued on to become certified as a Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) Rater, an International Code Council (ICC) Certified CALGreen Inspector, and a Build It Green Certified GreenPoint Rater. Garza has been with the team since early 2017 and quickly became a vital leader to the unit of inspectors, at RES.

Garza holds her Bachelors of Art in Environmental Studies and Planning.

Kelly De La Rosa

Kelly De La Rosa; GreenPoint Rater, HERS Rater, ICC CALGreen Special Inspector

Kelly joined the Rick’s Energy Solutions in early 2017 as a certified CALGreen Special Inspector and shared, “I haven’t enjoyed going to work like this in… well, forever…” He is second generation in the field of HVAC and Architecture Sheet Metal Fabrication. With more than thirty-five years working on site with builders and other licensed professionals, Kelly works to surpass the California Green Building Standards Code with all of the clients he helps.

A San Francisco native, De La Rosa studied Business Administration at El Camino College, in southern California.


Bruce Dichter

Bruce Dichter; ICC CAL Green Special Inspector, HERS Rater

Dichter shares, “I like problem solving.  I’m a HERS rater and do ACCA Manual J, D, S, and T modelling, but troubleshooting energy efficiency and comfort issues is what I find most fascinating.  Before joining Rick’s team, I worked as a carpenter, a home performance contractor, and was active in the CBPCA, which is where I was introduced to building science.  The basics of building science are pretty simple: determine how heat, air, and moisture move through a house and then control their movements.  Done well, homes will be energy efficient, comfortable, and durable.  But houses are complex systems, and these elements can move in surprising ways—especially moisture.  To go into a home and figure out what’s going on is an enjoyable challenge.  Helping the homeowner develop a plan of attack is satisfying.  Bringing comfort into someone’s life is what’s best of all “.

Bruce is native to the Boston-area and holds his Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

James Young

James Young; HERS Rater

James Young joined the Rick’s Energy Solutions team with concrete knowledge of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technology; and, has manned the field of air quality issues with grace since joining the crew in 2017. With more than thirty years of experience working with HVAC systems, there is no unit that Young cannot manipulate. As a specially trained inspector, he can optimize your homes energy without batting an eye or breaking your budget.

James Young is a proud Cardinal Newman alumnus.