HVAC Services

The California Energy Code and the California Green Building Code require that HVAC systems being installed in new homes, remodels, or additions be designed, sized, and selected in accordance with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manuals J, D, and S, or equivalently approved methods. Here at Rick’s Energy Solutions, Inc. our team of Certified Energy Analysts are educated and skilled in providing the mandated HVAC sizing calculations and duct plan, drawn to scale, for your specific project. By utilizing our HVAC sizing services you can build assured that your project has a comfortable and efficient heating and air conditioning system, designed precisely for your project’s needs.

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

The ACCA is the main source of technical expertise in the indoor environment industry. ACCA Manuals are approved as the standard and many are referenced in building codes nationwide. The system design software that Rick’s Energy Solutions, Inc utilizes has been approved by ACCA as complaint with building standards.

Manual J: Residential Load Calculations

Manual J of the ACCA has been recognized as a national standard, for producing Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment sizing loads for single-family detached homes, small multi-unit structures, condominiums, town homes, and manufactured homes. A proper load calculation, executed in accordance with Manual J’s procedure, is required by national building codes as well as the California Energy Code and California Green Building Code.

Manual D: Residential Duct System

Manual D provides a single set of duct sizing principles and calculations that apply to all ducting materials including (but not limited to) the system operating point (supply CFM & external static pressure) and airway sizing for single-speed and multi-speed (ECM) blowers. Manual D is the standard method for determining the impact of duct friction and fitting pressure drop on blower performance and air delivery. It is also the most comprehensive equivalent length data ever published.

Manual S: Residential Equipment Sizing and Selection

Manual S illustrates how to properly select and size heating and cooling equipment to meet loads for a specific residence or unit based in the project’s local climate and home construction specifics. It also provides sizing requirements for eleven types of heating and cooling equipment and issues an in-depth explanation and examples of how to use the provided manufacture’s performance data for quality efficiency. Manual S contains new sizing regulations that recognize variable-speed and multi-speed with larger over sizing limits.