Green Home Energy Solutions

Houses rarely operate at peak efficiency – even new ones. Most homes lose conditioned air through leaky walls, windows, and ducting and have inadequate or poorly installed insulation. At Ricks Enery Solutions, we offer Green Home Energy Analysis and Solutions for the Napa County, California area.

The Green Home Energy Upgrade permanently improves the condition of your house, reducing your energy bill while providing year-round comfort and healthier indoor air.

Our Green Home Analysis is a step-by-step process designed to correctly diagnose the problems in your house and provide you with in-depth information about the results so that you can make informed decisions on the selection of the best improvements for your needs.

Air sealing Identifying and sealing air intrusion and loss points, decreases the amount of energy necessary to heat and cool your home. Get comfortable indoor temperatures faster and stay comfortable longer.
Duct redesign Improves airflow to make the whole heating and cooling system work much more efficiently. Provides consistent temperatures throughout the house with much less energy.
Duct sealing Sealing duct leaks means far less energy wasted. Much more conditioned air gets to the rooms with less run time.
Indoor air quality (with improved filtering and control of fresh air) Eliminates the need for energy-intensive room air purifiers. Breathe easier, especially those with allergies and asthma.
Insulation improvement Enables you to downgrade to smaller HVAC appliances and run them more efficiently, reducing energy use. Comfortable indoor temperatures year-round.
Lighting and appliance upgrade or adjustment Decreases the amount of energy used to light your home, heat water, air condition your home, heat and filter pools and spas, and run big energy users like refrigerators and dryers. No sacrifice in comfort because your home will be upgraded to perform better with less energy!
Moisture control Makes energy-intensive fans, dehumidifiers, or other moisture control appliances unnecessary. No more unsightly and unhealthy mildew, mold or fungus on your walls and ceilings or in your crawlspace. Also gets rid of airborne spores.
Windows upgrade Saves on energy bills by decreasing solar heat gain. More uniform room temperatures and eliminates cold and hot spots near windows.

Contact Rick’s Energy Solutions, Inc. to speak with our building performance analyst about how a Green Home Energy Upgrade Survey can help you improve the comfort and reduce the energy consumption of your home.  We are happy to discuss your questions and specific concerns to assist you to find the right solution for your home.

Our inspection and diagnostics include numerous scientific tests designed to understand how your home functions as a holistic system (See our list of Testing Services for a complete description of our testing procedures).  After testing is completed, you will be given a written analysis of your home with all of our findings and a detailed list of opportunities for making improvements to your home.  This report may be used to obtain bids from contractors for completing the work or as a do it yourself checklist.