Title 24 Compliance

Rick’s Energy Solutions, Inc. is a leader in energy conservation and green building design, assisting home owners, contractors and builders alike in achieving their fullest energy potential.

We have a team of expert consultants constantly working to provide our clients with the most effective methods to design and construct buildings that equal or exceed the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards and Green Building Standards.

California Title 24 Standards

The goal of Title 24 is to reduce the overall energy consumption in the state, striving towards a healthier economy, environment and future in California.

Established in 1978, Title 24,Part 6 in the California Code of Regulations outlines the building energy efficiency standards for new and existing residential homes and commercial buildings. These standards ensure that designers and builders adhere to energy-efficient construction methods and technologies, ultimately creating a more livable and beneficial building and successfully reducing their carbon footprint.

Becoming Title 24 Compliant

Your building or design must meet the energy requirements set forth by Title 24 in order to for the structure to be compliant. The majority of the projects that we work on achieve compliance margins that are 20% or more than the current energy efficiency standards require, and some qualify for local and statewide cash incentives.

Our Green Building Staff are also certified HERS Raters that can provide all the project HERS testing and verification required by Title 24 Energy Compliance calculations and aid in any rebate or incentive programs that they are participating in.

Our team of energy consultants is standing by, ready to help you become California Title 24 compliant. Give us a call at 707-578-5380 today to learn more!