California Green Building Code

As one of the top green building consultants in the nation, our team at Rick’s Energy Solutions, Inc. specializes in assisting home owners, designers and contractors with adhering to the standards of the California Green Building Code (CALGreen).

Our goal is to provide our clients with expert green building consultations and solutions that will help them to prepare their CALGreen Checklists and meet or exceed the standards set forth by the CALGreen and all California Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

California Green Building Code Standards

This part of Title 24 created standards for the most important elements of building construction. This includes design, conservation, quality of the environment, as well as resource,water, and energy efficiency.

The CALGreen works to improve the health, safety, and overall well being of California residents through energy-efficient construction methods and intelligent design that aids the environment.

Becoming CALGreen Compliant

In addition to Title 24 Energy Compliance calculations, our analysts are trained and experienced in performing ACCA Manuals J, D and S, HVAC equipment and duct sizing calculations to comply with the requirements of the California Energy Code and the CALGreen.

This includes the preparation of a scale drawn HVAC duct and equipment plan for the project. Our Green Building verification staff is experienced in providing our clients with expert instructions and directions on how to comply with the CALGreen.

In addition to plan verification and field verification, they advise our clients on how to obtain and complete the builder accountability documents that are needed to complete construction projects.

Ensure that your building meets the CALGreen standards withthe help of our expert consulting team at Rick’s Energy Solutions, Inc. Call ustoday at 707-578-5380