Green Building Design & Consulting Services

Rick’s Energy Solutions, Inc.prepares energy conservation compliance calculations for new homes and businesses, as well as for remodels and additions using advanced energy modeling software.  We also provide both energy conservation and green building consulting to designers, builders and owners.  We further provide green home energy upgrade building performance analysis to home owners and small business owners to enable them to upgrade and improve their buildings to save energy and improve indoor environmental quality in Northern California.

About Our Services

The Rick’s Energy Solutions Inc. team consists of skilled experts with more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry. We’re certified energy plan examiners, certified energy analysts, certified green building professionals, certified GreenPoint raters, certified home energy rating system raters (HERS raters) and certified CALGreen special inspectors. We can help with the preparation and submission of required documentation for California Title 24 energy conservation and green building submissions, and we appreciate every opportunity we get to provide consulting for green building and energy solutions in California.

At Rick’s Energy Solutions Inc., we assist homeowners in making living spaces more eco-friendly by finding the right energy solutions to fit their needs. It all begins with seeing the home as a comprehensive system and evaluating how well your household performs through a home energy audit. Most homes don’t operate up to their full energy potential, even when they’re newly constructed. We can remedy these inefficiencies when you call us for green building consulting and energy solutions in California.

We Specialize in Three Related But Different Services:

Energy conservation design calculations

These calculations are for new construction, and are done during the planning and design phase of the project.  Plus GreenPoint Rating evaluation and documentation which includes plan checking and preparation of the GreenPoint Rating documents to be submitted to Build It Green and to the Building Department when required.  We also prepare energy compliance documentation for building contractors to use for federal income tax credits based on the energy conservation measures incorporated in the construction of new homes built for sale and the documents needed to obtain Energy Star Branding of their new homes.

Energy Conservation field verification and testing

This testing and verification is done during and after the construction phase. This is known as HERS verification or HERS rating.  HERS is “Home Energy Rating System”.  Also included is GreenPoint rating field verification and documentation during the construction phase to verify that Green Elements have been constructed according to the approved GreenPoint checklist.  Another major service that we provide is HERS testing and verification of HVAC systems that have been newly installed, replaced or that have had major change out of components by HVAC contractors in existing homes.  Lastly, we provide testing and verification of the installation of new home photo voltaic renewable energy systems.

Green Home Energy Upgrades

Our Energy Upgrades use Building Performance Analysis and Home Energy Audits.  This is a testing and consulting service provided for existing homes where we evaluate and document the opportunities to improve the energy conservation performance and the indoor environmental qualities of the home.  This service may also include GreenPoint Rating of the existing home based on the improvements being made to the building as a result of the audits.