Energy Consulting in California

Are you concerned that your proposed new or remodeled home or business will use too much energy every month or that it won’t comply with the Title 24 Part 6 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24)? At Rick’s Energy Solutions, Inc., we can provide you with professional Title 24 energy consulting services anywhere in California, and offer strategies to help reduce the energy consumption of your proposed building.

During an energy consultation, one of our CABEC Certified Energy Analysts will review your building plans and interview you and or your designer to determine the methods that you may be able to use to reduce the energy consumption of the proposed building. Our energy analysis will also provide you with the energy documentation needed to demonstrate compliance with the Title 24 Energy Standards and to apply for your build permit.

At Rick’s Energy Solutions, Inc., we also specialize in working with owners, builders and designers to help them implement the best energy-saving practices into their designs including Net Zero Energy designs. Although an energy-efficient design may cost more money up front, it can also make a property more attractive to prospective buyers, and be more cost-effective in the long run. We use all of the latest energy consulting techniques to produce real results for our clients.

Do you want to learn more about the energy consulting services we offer at Rick’s Energy Solutions, Inc.? Call us at (707) 578-5380 to speak with a representative today!