CALGreen Inspectors in California

CALGreen inspections are stricter building codes that require new buildings and renovations to meet certain sustainability and ecological standards in the state of California. We are certified CALGreen inspectors in California for your new builds and renovations.

California Certified CALGreen Special Inspectors

As Certified CALGreen Special Inspectors, we will review the permit drawings and verify that all the items on the checklist of the plans and specifications are checked off. After we sign the Design Verification form, then you will be able to submit it to the local building department.

What Happens Next?

This is when the project is a go. After the build is completed, the final stage of the CALGreen project has to be signed off by us. We will go over the checklist to make sure that the build includes all of the items on the checklist. Then, we sign the Implementation Verification Form, so that the homeowner or occupant can use the building.

What is the Reason for CALGreen Inspections in California?

The reason for California’s state mandated green building code is to improve public health and safety through the construction and design of new buildings. This is to reduce negative impacts on the environment and promote sustainable energy projects for not only the state, but the country as well.

Rick’s Energy Solutions Inc. are certified CALGreen Inspectors in California who follow the stat-mandated building codes for green energy and practices.