GreenPoint Raters in California

GreenPoint Rated is the leading residential home rating system in California. Rick’s Energy Solutions believes in green home energy solutions for building the most efficient homes, and by using the GreenPoint rating system, we can back our solutions up!

California Certified GreenPoint Raters & Rating

As raters, we work with contractors and builders assist in green building analysis and solutions. This is proof to homeowners that their home is improved on energy-efficiency, comfortability, and value.

The Benefits of Green Homes in California with GreenPoint:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Conservation
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Resource Conservation
  • Community

Rick’s Energy Solutions Inc. is proud to be a certified GreenPoint Rater in the leader of California’s green home rating system.

How Does the GreenPoint Rating Work?

The rating process is divided into two categories: New Home and Existing Home

GreenPoint Rated New Home

For new homes and builds, the purpose of the GreenPoint rating is to educate the homeowner on the benefits of green building and construction for new homes. We come in to help educate the homeowner on a new build green energy solution.

GreenPoint Rated Existing Home

This is used for existing homes and their green energy features, or a building undergoing construction. We come in to determine the benefits of the green energy remodel and features.

Contact Rick’s Energy Solutions Inc. for more information on the GreenPoint rating system in California. We are certified raters through the state of California, and we can help you understand what green home energy solutions and benefits are to your new build or existing remodel.