3 Health Benefits that Come with Green Buildings

There are plenty of reasons to go green: lessen your environmental impact, lessen your energy bill, and even increase your property value, in many occasions.

But one thing we often forget is that green buildings bring with them several human health benefits that are worth mentioning.

More air ventilation = higher level of productivity

For decades, property designers always built with the least amount of ventilation in mind, in order to stop cool or hot air from leaving. (A valiant task, for sure.)

However, what this has largely left us with is dormant air, which isn’t exactly the healthiest to breathe. Studies have shown that adding air ventilation to your home or office can actually increase productivity by a significant amount.

Why? Because stuffy air makes us tired.

Green means lean

Green Building BenefitsOne of the solutions we’ve suggested before is adding greenery wherever possible to your home, whether that’s low-maintenance houseplants, outdoor vines, etc.

While this is great for insulation and absorbing heat, it also serves another purpose: plants are scientifically proven to boost your mood and establish a happier work environment.

Natural light shines

Maximizing the potential for natural light is a guaranteed way to cut down on energy use and costs. Also, another important reason to get behind the sunshine: it’s incredibly good for you.

You’re much more likely to live and work at a healthier, happier pace when your circadian rhythm is adjusted to real rather than artificial light.

With these tips, we hope that you’ll decide to either start or build upon your path to a greener, brighter future. When you do, call Rick’s Energy Solutions at 707-578-5380 for all of your green building design and consulting needs!