ACCA Manual J: HVAC Load Calculations

National Building Codes, the California Energy Code, and the California Building Code all require proper HVAC Load Calculations for residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects. HVAC Calculations not only save money but peace of mind, by determining the most efficient heating and cooling equipment/systems for your next project.

By taking into account every aspect of a building, from windows and insulation to orientation and climate zone, you can calculate the perfect size HVAC equipment and type of system for your project.  If your HVAC system is too large it can result in uneven heating or cooling of the space; alternatively, if your system is too small it will need to run longer in order to reach a set temperature. Systems that are both too large and too small not only waste energy but are more likely to break down faster than their expected warranty, and require maintenance often. A properly sized HVAC system will not only operate efficiently, but it will operate to its maximum longevity – which can save you money on equipment replacement, maintenance and repairs, and on your monthly energy bills.

HVAC Load Calculations should always be completed by a certified professional and consulted when choosing your heating and cooling equipment. It is crucial, not only to have these calculations completed, but to follow their equipment guide too. If your calculations call for a specific size equipment to be installed, it is very important that you adhere to the findings of the report and install what was described. Failing to do so can result in failed verifications or faulty operating systems and prevent your project from getting finalized and permit occupancy.

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