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Home Evacuation in California Due to Wildfires

Homeowners in several counties of California were told to evacuate their homes due to the ravaging wildfires striking down from lightning. It seems every single year there are more and more wildfires causing havoc communities across the state, and even other parts of the country.  With California dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have to… Read more »

Are People Going to Move Outside of Cities Now?

As we see now that the COVID-19 Pandemic has been hitting more populated areas more severely, will we see a trend in people moving further away from cities? It’s definitely a major possibility, especially places such as New York and California. For those in California looking to move further away from larger populated areas, making… Read more »

Why Energy Efficiency Homes are Important During COVID-19

Considering the situation, having an energy-efficient home can be extremely beneficial since many of us are practicing social distancing inside our homes. Paying your bills can become daunting at this point due to the fact that we are using plenty of energy staying at home. Having a professional energy consultant evaluate your home’s energy is something you… Read more »

Are Solar Cars Coming?

Car and solar companies are really diving deep into the green energy game with developing solar powered cars.  The world is changing with the clean energy movement, and electric cars are just the starting point. The Lightyear One is an electric car covered in solar panels.  The solar panels cover the roof and hood, and… Read more »

Why is Green Building Important?

In California, Green building is required with new housing across the state, which means there are a set of regulations when building any new home. This is extremely important for the benefit of our environment and energy use in the country. What is it? It’s a set of regulations when building new homes that decreases… Read more »

We Need to Act Now Regarding Green Energy

It’s getting down to the wire. The news has been out about climate change, renewable energy, and how we need to act immediately if we want to have a sustainable future. There is a major problem behind the awareness because most people are aware, but they are relying on political leaders to solve every problem,… Read more »

California’s Plan for Solar Panels on Homes

By 2020, all new homes built within California will be required to have solar panels installed on the rooftops of all the homes.  These will have onsite battery storage, and developers will be challenged with abiding by the new set of codes that makes these buildings energy-efficient. Why is this significant in the world of… Read more »

Why It’s Important to Go Green with Your Home

As homeowners, we are constantly using energy, whether it’s to heat and cool our homes, clean, and have our house functioning properly. The less energy we use means a decrease in our monthly bills and costs. Going green with your home can help you make less of a dent in your wallet. Air sealing –… Read more »

The Renewable Energy Race

It is very exciting that there is a renewable energy race in the world. Many countries are on their way to be working on 100% renewable energy resources. This is incredible news because of the increase in climate change and pollution in our world. China is set to become the superpower in Renewable Energy China… Read more »

Can we Reach 100% Renewable Energy Across the Globe?

Across the globe, countries and scientists are diving deep into a fully 100% renewable energy movement. This is happening as we speak, and the quicker the better. We realize that sustainable energy has to be the future on this planet, and we are doing everything we can to push for that and make it happen…. Read more »