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There’s More Than Just Rick, at Rick’s Energy Solutions

Walking into the office of Rick’s Energy Solutions, today, you will find an office space completed with files of cabinets, work ready desk areas, and a collection of trained professionals ready to provide answers to all of your energy efficiency questions. But, it has not always been so conventionally set. Just a little over one… Read more »

2016 a Record-Smashing Year for Solar Energy

Solar energy has been a pretty big deal for quite some time now, but 2016 marked a banner year for this green energy source. Last year, solar generation set a record that is encouraging for those who value all that solar power has to offer. It’s clear that more and more people are turning to… Read more »

Breaking Down an Analysis: What We Check When We Inspect

A Green Home Energy Analysis from Rick’s Energy Solutions takes a comprehensive look at your home to see where you are losing energy and suggests repairs that can save you tons on your electricity bill. This thorough inspection offers many different benefits for homeowners. Let’s take a look at the four categories where we run… Read more »

2016 Energy Code Changes: Lighting Requirements

California’s 2016 energy code calls for a number of changes to incorporate high-efficacy lighting into more homes across the state. High-efficacy lighting makes it possible for homes to use significantly less energy over time, so the goal of the 2016 energy code is to require more of this kind of residential lighting to bring overall… Read more »

2016 Energy Code Changes: Hot Water Requirements

The 2016 energy code calls for a significantly higher standard of compliance than the 2013 energy code did, and it affects a number of different areas of new homes. Once implemented, the state expects that homes would see a 28 percent savings in energy costs versus a home constructed using the 2013 code requirements. One… Read more »

2016 Energy Code Changes: Envelope and Wall Requirements

The walls of a home divide the space into individual rooms and help keep the whole house comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside. This can be difficult, though, when walls aren’t built to code. The 2016 energy code has very specific requirements pertaining to walls and the overall “envelope” of the home, and… Read more »

Computer Efficiency Requirements: A Different Kind of Smart Home

Last month, the state of California was the first of the 50 states to set a standard on energy efficiency for computers. The energy commission for the state of California approved the regulations to limit the amount of energy being consumed by computers and smaller servers when not in use, according to reporting from NPR…. Read more »

Five Most Energy-Efficient Updates and Improvements

When you’re remodeling your home, not only are you updating its look and style and infusing your own taste into it, but you also have an opportunity to make your home more energy efficient. That means lower energy bills, and lessening your impact on the environment. But not everyone is an energy-efficiency expert! Luckily, the… Read more »