Breaking Down an Analysis: What We Check When We Inspect

Green Home Energy AnalysisA Green Home Energy Analysis from Rick’s Energy Solutions takes a comprehensive look at your home to see where you are losing energy and suggests repairs that can save you tons on your electricity bill. This thorough inspection offers many different benefits for homeowners. Let’s take a look at the four categories where we run tests to help uncover issues with your home so that you can make modifications to help improve your overall efficiency.

Combustion Safety and Heating

These tests look at the heating and cooling equipment in your house. We look at a number of areas throughout the home, including basements, attics and around windows and doors to look for areas where you may suffer energy loss, including drafts, combustion inefficiency and HVAC systems. We will also inspect your flue if you have one, along with look at the air flow in ducts.

Health and Durability

During these tests, we look for moisture damage and areas where you may have leaks or pockets of high humidity that can cause long-term problems. We also test the quality of the interior air at your home and take a look at the overall durability of your home’s construction. Finally, we’ll look in your roof and attic for evidence of maintenance problems.

Whole House Performance

There are a number of systems that affect the entire home and needed to be checked. This test primarily looks at exhaust fan flow, duct leakage and pressure mapping. Pressure mapping is especially important as it helps determine the unintentional air flows that happen when the heating and cooling fan is on. A second test looks at the unintentional connectedness of different areas of the home, for example how air flow in one space, like an attic, can potential affect the movement of air elsewhere in the home.

Energy Analysis

Finally, we’ll look at your home’s historical electrical and gas consumption with a focus on things like lighting and appliances to determine a baseline of energy use. We’ll identify fixtures and devices that could be replaced or upgraded to be more energy efficient and determine the recommend amount of energy your home should use based on its unique use factors. We can also make recommendations for self-generation, such as wind systems or solar panels, that can help make your home more self-sufficient – sometimes even completely independent – in terms of energy expenditures.

With a Green Home Energy Analysis, you can be sure that your home uses energy efficiently and you don’t cost you money unnecessarily. Energy bills can be a major drag, so make sure you aren’t paying more than you have to by calling Rick’s Energy Solutions for a full-home energy analysis. To schedule your appointment, contact us today at 707-578-5380.