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Sudden Increase in Your Home’s Energy Bills?

Are you experiencing an increase in your home’s energy bills? You might be using too much energy, or the equipment in your home might need to be checked on. This situation occurs pretty often. Many homeowners will recognize an increase in some heating, cooling, electricity, or gas bills. These things are common, and they are… Read more »

How to Build an Energy Efficient Home

In today’s day, the trend for building homes is less about how big I can get one, and rather, how energy efficient I can make my home. Small is beautiful for many people around the country when it comes to building a home. Younger generations are concerned about how much money they are spending on… Read more »

Blower Door Tests for Energy Efficient Homes

Here at Rick’s Energy Solutions, we offer a blower test as part of our Green Building services. This would be a significant value to you when you’re in the process of building a new home or business in California. There are plenty of benefits of sustainable, energy-efficient building design. What is a Blower Door Test?… Read more »

Air Tightness and Energy Savings

With air tightness in your home, you will be saving on energy costs. This is a great opportunity for homeowners to take because our bills are always increasing. If you can cut your energy bills and help save the environment, then you’re helping set a precedent for other people. Air Tightness in Your Home If… Read more »

Are Your Energy Bills Increasing?

If your energy bills are increasing by the month, there could be more issues with your home than you think.  There are many reasons why your energy bills could be going up.  Simple home evaluations can solve this problem and get you back to saving energy and money. Simple Changes Some changes can be made… Read more »

How Does Moisture Get into Your Home?

Moisture in your home can cause many different problems including mold and mildew growth, which can ultimately affect your health and your home’s condition. If you have moisture in your home, attack the situation immediately. The Cause of Moisture Moisture in your home can occur when there may be poor ventilation in the attic, poor… Read more »

Why It’s Important to Go Green with Your Home

As homeowners, we are constantly using energy, whether it’s to heat and cool our homes, clean, and have our house functioning properly. The less energy we use means a decrease in our monthly bills and costs. Going green with your home can help you make less of a dent in your wallet. Air sealing –… Read more »

How to Keep Your Home Warm Without A Rising Energy Bill

When we talk about cutting your energy bill, one of the pushbacks we often hear is about the winter. If we’re cutting back on energy, won’t our homes be cold? Don’t we need heat (and therefore, energy) to keep our homes comfortable during colder months? Our answer is simple: you can keep your home warm… Read more »

Ventilation Solutions for Homes Affected By Wildfires

Throughout the month of October, a series of devastating wildfires swept across California, burning hundreds of thousands of acres and forcing more than 20,000 people to evacuate their homes. Many people whose homes were in the vicinity of the wildfires have been understandably concerned about their effect on the local air quality as well. Wildfires… Read more »

Keeping Your Cool: How Your Home Loses Chilled Air

When the temperature goes up outside in the warmer months, you turn on the air conditioning to keep the temperature as cool and comfortable as possible inside. But certain aspects of your home’s construction and design could be making it almost impossible to keep cool air in. These faults and flaws can result in your… Read more »