Keeping Your Cool: How Your Home Loses Chilled Air

When the temperature goes up outside in the warmer months, you turn on the air conditioning to keep the temperature as cool and comfortable as possible inside. But certain aspects of your home’s construction and design could be making it almost impossible to keep cool air in. These faults and flaws can result in your air conditioning system running more often than it really has to, meaning that you not only put more strain on your AC unit but also may more than you should to keep the air chilled air inside your home. It’s why you should make every effort to keep cool air trapped inside instead of allowing it to escape.

Air Conditioning There are a number of steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient when it comes to cooling. Most often, the best place to start is with an inspection of insulation in your home to look for areas of improvement. Most people think of insulation as something that helps you keep your home warm, but it also works to keep cool air inside as well. Cool air can leave your home through your ceilings, walls and floors, so it’s important to make sure you have layers of insulation behind all of these areas to prevent cool air from leaving.

You should also go around the home and seal up any cracks or crevices that may exist. Gaps around doors or windows, cracks in the foundation, and improperly constructed ventilation can allow chilled air to escape. You would be surprised by how much cool air you can lose through the tiniest of holes in a surface. Closing off these routes where cold air can escape can end up saving you significantly on your energy bills.

In addition to taking these steps, you should also have your home’s windows and doors inspected to see if they are allowing cool air to get out. Older windows and doors aren’t as energy efficient as newer ones, so you might want to consider upgrading these fixtures, especially if they are allowing a significant amount of air out. In some cases, the cost of investing in new windows and doors could end up paying for itself in the savings you’ll realize on your utility costs.

If you suspect that your home is losing too much cool air in the summertime, you should strongly consider scheduling a green home energy analysis to see where you can improve your home. Ricks Energy Solutions can evaluate your entire home and make recommendations that will make a real difference. Schedule an appointment with Rick’s Energy Solutions by calling 707-578-5380 today, and find out why so many homeowners have trusted us to help make their homes greener and more efficient.