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Denver Will Soon Require New Buildings to Have “Green” Roofs

Denver Will Soon Require New Buildings to Have “Green” RoofsAlong with New York City, London, Paris and San Francisco, Denver is the latest city to require contractors to install “green” roofs on new buildings. Green roofs usually feature either solar panels or rooftop gardens, and these cities have made it mandatory for companies constructing large new buildings to find a green solution for their roofs. Proponents of this effort have argued that green roofs can not only benefit the environment, but also reduce energy costs in new buildings.

Denver became the latest city to make green roof construction mandatory in November.

According to ABC News, a ballot measure requiring builders to incorporate green roofs into new buildings passed with 54 percent approval. Barring some unforeseen circumstance, Denver residents should see a noticeable increase in the number of green roofs in the city over the course of the next few years.

Denver is actually taking things a step further than other cities with green roof initiatives, too.

While the other cities listed here only require new buildings to have green roofs, Denver officials want to see older buildings with green roofs as well. Under the terms of the recent ballot initiative, builders will also be required to retrofit older buildings with environmentally-friendly solutions when their roofs are replaced. If an old building is unable to support the weight of a green roof, however, it can receive an exemption from the city.

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