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Top 5 Greenest Cities in the U.S.

Top 5 Greenest Cities in the U.S.

It’s more important than ever that we take care of the environment—and these five cities are leading the charge. WalletHub recently compared 100 U.S. cities across 26 “green indicators,” including greenhouse gas emissions per capita, green job opportunities and smart energy policies. Here are the top five greenest cities in the U.S. (four of which are in California!):

  1. San Diego, California: Eating local is one of the best ways to go green, and this beachy city has the fourth-highest number of farmer’s markets per capita. Its number-one status is also due in part to its excellent recycling program and high percentage of commuters who walk or bike to work.
  2. San Francisco, California: Locavores take note: this tech hub has the highest number of farmer’s markets per capita. It also has the second-highest percentage of bike commuters. Not into cycling? Get around on S.F.’s zero-emissions bus and light rail systems.
  3. Washington, D.C.: The nation’s capital makes the list in part because it comes in third for lowest percentage of commuters who drive to work. It also boasts more than 250,000 acres of public parkland, which are easily accessible by subway and bus.
  4. Irvine, California: Irvine has paved the way in terms of environmentally friendly construction policies. The city was an early adopter of the California Green Building Standards Code and instituted one of the first green building programs in the nation.
  5. San Jose, California: San Jose is notable for its Green Vision, a 15-year sustainability plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and spur economic growth.

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How to Keep Your Home Eco-Friendly

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