How to Build an Energy Efficient Home

In today’s day, the trend for building homes is less about how big I can get one, and rather, how energy efficient I can make my home. Small is beautiful for many people around the country when it comes to building a home. Younger generations are concerned about how much money they are spending on energy bills, and how much they are affecting the environment. 

With an energy efficient home, you’ll be able to save money on energy bills and live in a more comfortable home. 

Modern House with Energy Efficiency

Green Home Energy Solutions

It’s wise to keep in mind a green home energy solution when thinking energy savings. At Rick’s Energy Solutions in California, we’ve been working hard to help residents rebuild their homes after the several wildfires that have ravaged the region. We consult homeowners and contractors for building houses with the Title 24 Energy Compliance in California. 

With our consultation, you can improve several parts of your home including air sealing, duct redesign, moisture control, windows upgrade, and much more! In modern times, it’s the smart way to live, rather than living a materialistic life. 

The Benefits of Having an Energy Efficient Home: 

  • Lowering Your Energy Costs
  • Living in a Comfortable Home
  • Becoming Energy Independent (solar, wind)

Upgrading Your Home

If you’re having problems already with energy consumption, we can come in and give you a much-needed consultation to improve the energy efficiency in your home. We understand that wildfires and other natural disasters can put a major dent in your wallet, but we can help you get back the house you need. 

If you’re in need of an energy efficiency upgrade, contact Rick’s Energy Solutions at 707-578-5380 today to learn more about our green home energy solutions and upgrades, so that you can live a better life in today’s age.