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Blower Door Tests for Energy Efficient Homes

Here at Rick’s Energy Solutions, we offer a blower test as part of our Green Building services. This would be a significant value to you when you’re in the process of building a new home or business in California. There are plenty of benefits of sustainable, energy-efficient building design. What is a Blower Door Test?… Read more »

How to Keep Your Home Eco-Friendly

With the change in climate and the world leaning towards clean and sustainable energy, home owners ask the question, “How can I help make the environment clean in my own home?” There are several ways you can alter your home and day-to-day activities to help the environment. Day-to-Day Improvements Recycling can be very redundant to… Read more »

High-Performance Structures Can Save Significantly

Anyone who has lived in an older home may have had the unpleasant experience of trying to heat or cool a building that was constructed without insulation or with insulation that has long since passed its useful age. Concerns about the cost and environmental impact of heating or cooling buildings have led to the universal… Read more »

Keeping Your Cool: How Your Home Loses Chilled Air

When the temperature goes up outside in the warmer months, you turn on the air conditioning to keep the temperature as cool and comfortable as possible inside. But certain aspects of your home’s construction and design could be making it almost impossible to keep cool air in. These faults and flaws can result in your… Read more »

Spray Foam vs. Fiberglass: How New Insulation Works Better

Insulating your home is a large part of making it energy efficient, which is why whenever you’re building a new home or looking at installing new insulation, you should consider what kind of material to use: spray foam or fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation is often the less expensive option, but spray foam is known to… Read more »

Five Most Energy-Efficient Updates and Improvements

When you’re remodeling your home, not only are you updating its look and style and infusing your own taste into it, but you also have an opportunity to make your home more energy efficient. That means lower energy bills, and lessening your impact on the environment. But not everyone is an energy-efficiency expert! Luckily, the… Read more »

R-Value: Understanding the Rating System for Insulation

Does your home have sufficient insulation inside of it to keep things cool in the summer and warm in the winter? The R-value of your insulation, which is the rating system that is used when it comes to insulation, will determine whether or not it keeps your home comfortable at all times. By gaining a… Read more »