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2016 Energy Code Changes: Hot Water Requirements

The 2016 energy code calls for a significantly higher standard of compliance than the 2013 energy code did, and it affects a number of different areas of new homes. Once implemented, the state expects that homes would see a 28 percent savings in energy costs versus a home constructed using the 2013 code requirements. One… Read more »

Zero Net Energy: What Does it Mean for Homeowners?

New home construction is poised to transform significantly in the year 2020 in California when Zero Net Energy building solutions will be required as part of designing ZNE-compliant homes. What does this mean exactly for homeowners? Let’s take a closer look at the rules. Think of your home now – in fact, you’re probably sitting… Read more »

Sun Beats Wind: Solar Now the Top Green Energy Supply in CA

Big news in the energy field here in California: Solar became the No. 1 source of renewable energy in the state in 2015. That’s according to data compiled by the California Independent System Operator, the primary grid manager in the state. Their numbers show that last year, utility-scale solar power plants produced 15,591,964 megawatt-hours of… Read more »

Solar is Coming: San Fran to Require Panels

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently passed a new law that will require all new buildings that are 10 stories in height or smaller to add solar panels. The new rule goes into effect January 2017, building on an existing California law that requires all new small- and mid-sized buildings to make a portion… Read more »

Homes Need To Breathe – Don’t They?

Intuitively, this makes sense, doesn’t it? We want fresh air in our homes. It’s healthier. But let’s think this through. How is air drawn into our homes and what must it pass through to get inside? Two conditions must exist: first, there must be an opening of some sort connecting the outside to the inside,… Read more »