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2016 a Record-Smashing Year for Solar Energy

Solar energy has been a pretty big deal for quite some time now, but 2016 marked a banner year for this green energy source. Last year, solar generation set a record that is encouraging for those who value all that solar power has to offer. It’s clear that more and more people are turning to… Read more »

Understanding the Solar Investment Tax Credit

Are you interested in transitioning to solar power but you still aren’t convinced that the benefits outweigh the costs? The Solar Investment Tax Credit may just change your mind. Not only can it provide a savings on installing solar energy, but it can help you realize how making an environmentally conscious choice can be the… Read more »

Using Renewables to Boost Water Supplies?

California is now amid its fifth year of serious drought, and state and private agencies alike have been trying everything from water usage restrictions to exploring alternative sources of water as part of efforts to balance demand with availability. The problem with converting alternative water sources like recycled wastewater, brackish groundwater and seawater into potable… Read more »

Sun Beats Wind: Solar Now the Top Green Energy Supply in CA

Big news in the energy field here in California: Solar became the No. 1 source of renewable energy in the state in 2015. That’s according to data compiled by the California Independent System Operator, the primary grid manager in the state. Their numbers show that last year, utility-scale solar power plants produced 15,591,964 megawatt-hours of… Read more »