Tag: Green Building Benefits

Green Buildings are Improving the Health and Productivity of Employees

Green buildings are effective at reducing energy, and, therefore, cutting costs. They lie at the cutting edge of architecture, representing sustainability for years to come. Plus, they’re great for property value. There is however, something more important than the building itself—the people! Studies have shown that any buildings taking a green initiative are guaranteed to… Read more »

3 Health Benefits that Come with Green Buildings

There are plenty of reasons to go green: lessen your environmental impact, lessen your energy bill, and even increase your property value, in many occasions. But one thing we often forget is that green buildings bring with them several human health benefits that are worth mentioning. More air ventilation = higher level of productivity For… Read more »

The Advantages of a Net-Zero Energy Home

Net-zero energy homes are becoming increasingly popular in the housing market lately, which is unsurprising with all of the green benefits they pose. Save the environment while simultaneously saving money Living in a net-zero energy home will help our currently crippling ecosystem. These structures will drastically reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and use renewable energy… Read more »