The Advantages of a Net-Zero Energy Home

Net-zero energy homes are becoming increasingly popular in the housing market lately, which is unsurprising with all of the green benefits they pose.

Save the environment while simultaneously saving money

Houses built with green benefits helping the environmentLiving in a net-zero energy home will help our currently crippling ecosystem. These structures will drastically reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and use renewable energy to power your household equipment and electricity. You can contribute to a thriving environment instead of contributing to an unfortunate climate change.

These eco-conscious houses are also conscious of your wallet. Net-Zero living will allow you to save money almost instantly. These houses are built with the utmost efficiency that you will automatically be saving on energy bills and water bills.

Tax breaks and an increase in your home’s value

A green initiative is starting to spread across the world and it’s packed with incentives. Specifically, in Sonoma County, there is a rebate program for new homes being constructed as near-zero energy homes or even zero-energy designs. The Sonoma County Clean Power Advanced Energy Rebuild Program has different options for green building to fit your needs.

These net-zero energy sources will increase your home’s value due to the appeal these energy savers have to homebuyers. These eco-friendly homes offer low energy costs, cleaner living, and a smaller ecological footprint.

Achieve a healthier and more durable home

Not only will the environment and your bank account be better for it, your health and home will benefit as well. Your home will more often be naturally heated and lit by the sun, while also utilizing energy efficient air systems, bringing the fresh outdoor air, indoors. Along with the advanced building techniques and durable materials used, a net-zero home will offer you peace of mind and lower maintenance requirements.

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