Making Sure Your Home Is Up to the CALGreen Code

Many homeowners struggle with all the work and process that goes with building a new home, which is why it is very important to make sure the designers, builders, and energy consultants are well-informed and experienced in constructing homes under the California green building codes. It’s required to have homes built under these codes in California, so make sure you’re well aware of this if you plan to build a home.

Energy Efficient home building in California

The Application of CALGreen

As Californians, we’ve seen devastation over the last several years due to wildfires and other natural disasters. Many people have lost their homes due to these events, and they have been left with the stressful task of rebuilding their homes.

The CALGreen codes are applied to new buildings that are constructed in the state of California. When planning and designing a home, every little detail needs to be cared for, especially with energy solutions. In reality, you’ll never want to build a home that will function improperly or use more energy than it needs. The California Green Building Code is in place to make sure homes are built for sustainability for the homeowner as well as the environment.

Why is This Important for the Future?

So much material has been wasted in the building of homes or other structures. This can factor into waste and negative environmental impact. With CALGreen, the mission is to create a home that is energy efficient, water efficient, and environmentally friendly. The planners and designers need to be well-informed when it comes to the CALGreen codes in order to start building. This will conserve materials and resources in the process.

Rick’s Energy Solutions

If you are planning to rebuild your home or build a new home in California, don’t hesitate to reach out to Rick’s Energy Solutions. Our energy consultations will ensure that your home will be built under the specific codes and regulations with green energy in the state of California.

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