Will We See a Shift in Housing Outside of Cities Due to COVID-19?

When we look at New York City struggling the way they have during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we wonder if people are going to flee and move into homes outside of cities. In New York, we’re already seeing many people pack up and leave for a better life. Experts are predicting that many large cities across the country are going to see their residents move into homes outside of the city where they can live more comfortably. Being trapped in a concrete jungle has major concerns, especially during a pandemic. 

In California, we’re already working towards rebuilding homes after the devastating wildfires. As we said in our last blog post, there is a possibility of seeing a trend in people investing in buying homes outside of cities considering many jobs can be done remotely. 

Rural Home outside of a city

What are Real Estate Experts Saying? 

Well, we can say that the housing market has been put on hold due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Many people have lost jobs and adjusted their household budgets, so buying a house isn’t their main priority even if it once was before the pandemic. 

Will the housing market see an upward trend?

It all depends on when, but experts are optimistic that there will be a good bounce back for those who haven’t taken a major hit. They may have been living in apartments or town homes closer to cities, and now they’re looking to get outside of the cities in a comfortable home. Also, many experts are saying that the three months of April, May, and June shouldn’t be factored into housing market trend due to the lockdown and the economy. We have to look at what happens going into July and the later months with housing demand. 

Rebuilding Homes in California

California housing has already gone through a devastating time just due to wildfires ruining residents’ homes in several counties. Contractors and home builders are working tirelessly to rebuild homes for these people. At Rick’s Energy Solutionswe are on a mission to help contractors and homeowners rebuild their lives with energy efficient homes, so that homeowners know they are investing in something useful. Many homeowners who don’t have energy efficient homes are struggling to find reasons why it was a good idea to buy a home. 

Paying for a home doesn’t stop at the door. If you’re looking to cut back on energy bills, live healthier, and be comfortable in a home, contact Rick’s Energy Solutions at 707-578-5380 today!