Are Your Energy Bills Increasing?

If your energy bills are increasing by the month, there could be more issues with your home than you think.  There are many reasons why your energy bills could be going up.  Simple home evaluations can solve this problem and get you back to saving energy and money.

Adjusting thermostat

Simple Changes

Some changes can be made to help you save energy and cut costs with your energy bills. A Green Home Analysis with Rick’s Energy Solutionswill point out the issues and help you get a solution to fixing them.

For example:

Air Sealing – when you check for air leaks in your home, you’re identifying the issue that’s causing your bill to go up.  Your indoor temperatures will get better when you seal up those loss points, and the energy to heat and cool your home will decrease.

Other problems:

  • Duct Redesign
  • Duct Sealing
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Insulation Improvement
  • Lighting and Appliance Upgrade/Adjustment
  • Moisture Control
  • Windows Upgrade

Going Green

Adjusting some energy issues in your home helps quite a bit, but what else can we do to help the overall environment?

Cutting costs isn’t the only great thing about going green with your home.  Whether you’re considering solar panel installation or other renewable energy solutions, this can help the environment and economy in the future.

Countries all over the globe are transitioning to renewable energy solutions because of the alarming concern of climate change in the world.  We’re seeing more detrimental natural disasters, increasing temperatures, and sea levels rising.  This is a major concern, and we have to act quickly if we want to see our planet survive.  Citizens should highly consider doing their part, not only to save their own energy costs, but to improve the environment, eliminate pollution, and better everyone’s life.

At Rick’s Energy Solutions, we provide a green home energy analysis, which is a step-by-step process designed to correctly diagnose the problems in your house and provide you with in-depth information for you to make the necessary energy adjustments to your home. Contact Rick’s Energy Solutions at 707-578-5380 today to find out how we can help you go green with your home or business!