3 Ways to Go Green with Your Roofing

If you’re seeking to reduce your carbon footprint, the best place to start is at home.

From swapping out your light bulbs to resealing your windows, you’re making your way to a greener home—but don’t stop there. It’s time to set your green sights higher and look to the roof! It’s where you can best utilize your space to save both on your energy bill and usage.

Here are a few ways to go green with your roofing:

1. Plant a garden

If you think about it, your average roof is an underutilized space. It’s just another part of your home, when it could be an opportunity to enhance your energy efficiency.

So, add some vegetation! Why? Because not only does it look beautiful, it also saves energy by retaining cold and heat, allowing your house to breathe a bit easier.

2. Keep rain up there

By just letting rain drip into the gutter, we’re wasting a lot of water.

That H2O can be put to good use by adding the right drainage and rain guards, which allows you to add an irrigation system to your new garden. Even if you don’t plant, there are opportunities for you to prevent the water from accumulating on the ground where it can collect harsh chemicals that then have a detrimental impact on wildlife.

Solar Panels on Roof of a Home3. Invest in renewable energy

If you haven’t already begun to think about it, now’s the perfect time: a green roof with turbines or solar panels is one of the best investments you can make in 2019, as energy costs are low, and availability is high.

Your roof is the perfect place to start, with its unfettered access to sunlight or wind for power, and unused potential. Find out if your house is a good fit for solar panels here!

And when you’re ready to go green with your roofing, call on the professionals at Rick’s Energy Solutions. Through our energy consulting services, we evaluate your property and offer strategies and solutions to help you reduce the energy consumption of your home.

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