Budweiser Transitions US Breweries to Renewable Energy

Bottling BeerThinking about picking up a six pack on your way home from work? Soon, you may notice a new “100 percent renewable electricity” label on the cans of Budweiser at your local supermarket. Recently, the company announced that it all of its US brewing facilities are now being powered exclusively by renewable energy sources.

Last year, Budweiser’s parent company AB InBev made a commitment to adopting renewable power under the terms of the Paris climate agreement.  The company plans to use renewable electricity for all of its brewing by 2025. This announcement from Budweiser constitutes that latest development in AB InBev’s ongoing effort to embrace renewable energy sources and reduce its carbon footprint.

“Beer has been around for 3,000 years—we would like that to continue for another 3,000 years,” said Brian Perkins, Budweiser’s vice president of global marketing in the company’s announcement.

According to The Independent, Budweiser’s abandonment of fossil fuels is equivalent to taking about 48,000 cars off the road each year. Budweiser is now purchasing its electricity from a 300-megawatt wind farm in Oklahoma. As more of AB InBev’s subsidiary companies transition away from fossil fuels, their products could earn the “100 percent renewable electricity” labels as well.

In addition to reducing its reliance on fossil fuels, AB InBev plans to make a number of other eco-friendly changes to its business as well. These include reducing the emissions it generates by growing hops, and improving the efficiency of the vehicle fleet it uses to transport beer to retailers.