California to Require Solar Panels on New Homes in 2020

In California, it seems like each week, the state or local municipalities are forging the path forward on renewable energy, making it easier for customers and communities to tap into this essential, booming industry. That is why our economy continues to grow and why California has such a huge impact on the world’s greed initiative.

And just last week, California did it once again.

New homes in California will require solar panels in 2020

California Solar Panel RequirementsOn December 6, a state court upheld the decision made in May to require each new home built in California to have solar panels. This momentous occasion makes California the first state in the nation to pass an initiative this bold and expansive.

As it stands, only 9 percent of detached homes in California are connected to a solar grid, which isn’t much if we’re trying to hit the goal of a full renewable economy by 2045. This new initiative gets us a little closer to that green target, helping homeowners wean themselves off natural gas and other fuel sources that create carbon emissions.

While homes will at first jump in price due to solar panel additions, the savings in the coming years will be immense. Homeowners shave dollars off their home energy bill, which makes up for the cost during the initial build. Sometimes even quadruple that amount, by some estimates.

Not to mention that it puts us that much closer to the green, clean future that we’re all fighting for. At Rick’s Energy Solutions, we cannot wait for this initiative to get underway in 2020, and we look forward to it transforming our state for the better. Contact us today to learn more about green building!