Can we Reach 100% Renewable Energy Across the Globe?

Across the globe, countries and scientists are diving deep into a fully 100% renewable energy movement. This is happening as we speak, and the quicker the better. We realize that sustainable energy has to be the future on this planet, and we are doing everything we can to push for that and make it happen.

Wind Turbines 100% renewable energy

The Paris Agreement

All countries should be moving toward The Paris Agreement ideals if the world wants a fully renewable energy future. This is tough to do because of disagreements in the world and countries that are controlled by oil and fossil fuels as some of their main resources or money. The Paris Agreement brings nations into a collaborative agreement to combat climate change on this planet.

 How do we get to 100%?

  • Comprehensive electrification
  • Energy sources: solar energy, wind power, hydro, bioenergy, geothermal energy
  • By 2050, wind and solar will be 96% of our power supply
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Creation of 35 million jobs

These goals come from a study by the LUT University in Finland and the Energy Watch Group in Germany.

How Can the Average Citizen Help?  

There are so many ways people can work towards a fully renewable energy life, but it can be extremely difficult with our busy lives. Of course, we know that cutting back on driving, and taking a bike ride may help in some ways, but not everyone will do that. In your home, you can switch to using renewable energy products too. At Rick’s Energy Solutions, we offer Green Home Energy Analysis and Solutions for the Bay Area of California. Our process is designed to correctly diagnose the problems in your house and provide you with in-depth information about the results, so that you can make informed decisions about how to improve your home’s energy usage.

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