Four Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Many have the motivation to be more energy efficient but are hesitant to take the next step. There’s no need to toss out all of your belongings for greener products or implement a complete redesign.

There are actually a few simple changes that can be made around your home that will decrease your energy consumption, and, as a result, lower your energy bills at the end of the month!

Switch your light bulbs

Sure, LED or fluorescent light bulbs may be a bit more expensive than ordinary light bulbs, but that upfront cost pays dividends in future savings. You have the opportunity to save $75 a year just by swapping out your most-used light bulbs for more energy efficient models.

Eco-Friendly Home in CaliforniaAdd dimmers

Most lights in our homes have two options: on, or off. But the on option is often energy-consuming, and not always the light we want. Enter the dimmer. By installing dimmers, you can control the amount of light at any hour. Don’t use any energy you don’t need!

Inspect your seals

The seals on our windows and appliances are what keep heat or cool air in the house. If they’re not functioning properly, energy sources have to work overtime to keep the temperatures down, which lead to higher usage. Do a scan of the seals in your home and replace where need be.

Get ‘smart’

Everything now is ‘smart’: smartphones, smart cars, smart appliances, etc. And a number of these smart tools on the market now can be greatly beneficial in bringing your energy dollars down, by knowing when to adjust the source’s output. We recommend looking into smart thermostats, smart A/Cs, and smart power strips.

Any of these options will give your home the added boost it needs to bring down its energy usage, and bills. Not to mention the best benefit: it’ll lower your carbon footprint! At Rick’s Energy Solutions, we provide clients with customized consultations to evaluate your home’s efficiency and figure out improvements that can be made to their residential or commercial property. Contact us today to learn more about our Green Home Energy Analysis and solutions in Napa County!