How Going Green Can Increase the Value of Your Home

As a homeowner, energy efficient upgrades are overall some of the smartest investments you can make. Not only can these types of improvements decrease how much you are paying on your utilities each month, but they also can increase the value of your home.

eco house in the grass conceptToday’s homebuyers are more aware than ever before of the benefits of energy efficiency in their potential homes, making green features a top priority for many.

In many communities across the country, energy-efficiency and Green Certification are becoming hot features. These homes will often sell faster and can even go for a higher selling price than homes without these features.

Here are a few ways to go green and boost your home’s value!

Low-flow showerheads and toilets

Some of the least expensive changes you can make are the ones that have a modest but noticeable impact on your monthly utility bills. Changing your toilets and showerheads to low-flow versions will cut down on your water waste, which is especially important in drought-plagued areas of the country.

Newer technology delivers satisfying results with half the water used, meaning your water bill will see a significant decrease.

Improved insulation

Improving your home’s insulation not only adds value to the property, but it also can save you several hundred dollars per year on your heating and cooling expenses. Most insulation upgrades offer greater than 100 percent return on investment, so it’s hard to go wrong with this choice.

Evaluate your appliances

Your appliances use about 15 percent of your home’s energy. As devices wear out and need to be replaced, choosing energy-efficient replacements is a smart move. When these appliances are included in your home when you sell, you can expect to garner a higher price, as well.

Bigger ticket items

Replacing heating and cooling systems or windows are more significant investments but can have a substantial impact on your utility bills, your comfort while living in the home, and your resale value.

These systems take longer to recoup in terms of cost, but they are worth it. Installing solar panels to power your home is perhaps the most energy efficient upgrade you can make. You’ll have to weigh the cost/benefit ratio for your area, but as prices for these systems continue to fall, they are within reach for more homeowners than ever before.

At Rick’s Energy Solutions, we’re experts in green home energy solutions. We offer a Green Home Analysis that will identify pain points in your home’s energy consumption and a Green Home Energy Upgrade that will effectively improve the overall conditions of your home.

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