Renewable Energy On-Track to Surpass Coal

It doesn’t come to a surprise that renewable energy is taking charge in the world today, considering the climate change awareness happening. Plenty of American businesses have been switching to renewable energy because it’s getting cheaper, and of course, better for the environment.

Wind and Solar Powerhouses

The production of wind and solar energy has been on an uprising these recent months and even years. Only a few years ago, hydro power was the only renewable energy making moves to pass coal on the spectrum. Then came natural gas, which is a much cleaner energy solution to coal. Now, it’s solar that is making the climb to the tall mountains. Solar energy has many benefits which people are discovering to be a much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly energy source. There are several ways to harness this energy, which costs less money. This is why solar is taking a leap that no other energy source is doing. This is the future of renewable energy, and it should be known to the world.

Modernized America

Many commercial real estate companies are leaning towards green energy builds because of less cost and less complications. You may find more modern apartment buildings and complexes integrating electric appliances rather than gas because of the trend in renewable energy in the country and even the world.

The Benefits Moving Forward:

The reason why this is such an exciting time in our country is because this whole movement towards renewable energy sources is growing organically, rather then forcefully. This revolution is inevitable because we see the need to combat climate change and pollution in our world. Here are the benefits of renewable energy moving forward:

  • Benefits the environment
  • It could lower utility bills
  • Energy being created from unlimited sources
  • Predicted to create many jobs
  • Can relieve the national debt

Renewable Energy is shifting the global economy by the day. This is a movement that can create jobs and improve the quality of life our world when it seems that pollution is destroying us. Although the news has created a buzz around global warming and climate change, we have to stay on track with the renewable energy movement because ultimately, it will make life better in the future.

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