Rick’s Energy Solutions Delivering Field Tests and Energy Inspections

We understand the difficult times right now in our country and around the world. At Rick’s Energy Solutionswe are continuing to work for our residents in California by conducting field tests and energy inspections during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Rebuilding home after wildfire

Our staff has been supplied with masks, gloves, and booties to help protect our clients and their homes from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are providing everyone on our staff with hand sanitizer and wipes to help keep their hands and vehicles clean. 

Continuing Our Help to Rebuild After the Wildfires

The wildfires of 2017,2018, and 2019 have ravaged many parts of California. People need their homes rebuilt even during a lockdown. We are classified as an essential business to help those in need, whether it’s low income housing or replacement homes for the ones destroyed after the wildfires. 

Wildfires in several counties have destroyed homes and residents’ lives. We are working together with builders around California to rebuild these homes for people. $1.2 billion of damages in Santa Rosa and Sonoma counties. 76% of the housing units affected by the wildfires in these counties were beyond repair according to CoreLogic

As permit applications continue to rise for rebuilding homes, it is our duty to be a part of the process in California. We are doing whatever it takes to help our residents get their lives back on track after the wildfires and during a global pandemic. 

Rick’s Energy Solutions

Here at Rick’s Energy Solutionswe provide assistance to homeowners, contractors and designers in the preparation and submission of California Title 24 energy conservation and Green Building compliance documents. We are energy conservation and Green Building Consultants in the state of California. During this difficult time dealing with the global pandemic and the aftermath of the wildfires, we are working hard to help families and homeowners rebuild their homes and lives. 

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