Sustainable Building Trends that are Making 2018 Green

Last year carried many developments in the green building initiative. Solar energy was accepted as the energy of the future, passive building designs reduced energy consumption in the home, and we saw the rise of net-zero energy homes.

2017 performed well, and 2018 is predicted to continue to drive the green building initiative forward

Resiliency is keyGreen Building in a City

The United States endured its costliest year yet with the extreme climate events that occurred in 2017. Due to these catastrophic weather patterns, 2018 may be a year of resiliency. This trend will continue since future natural disasters are expected to happen more often and with more power. We will see resiliency built into new and durable materials as well as in the overall design of new building projects.

Innovation and advancements in technology

New technology that works towards a more sustainable lifestyle is always emerging and consistently evolving. Last year saw the implementation of several smart devices, but 2018 is said to take the leap into “smart everything.”

Material transparency is attainable

Due to the continuous innovation on these green building materials, it will be possible in 2018 for the public to understand the exact chemicals going into these products. It is becoming an increasing demand for these design firms and trade groups to be transparent with their clientele and the majority of companies are adhering to that request.

Air quality is a priority

Employers are taking the initiative to better their offices for their workers and that starts with air quality. Not only do they want a safe working environment for their employees, but they are also realizing that the quality of the air in their building influences the productivity of their employees.

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