The Future of Green Buildings

The housing market has been taking up the green world like a duck to water these days. And it is all thanks to one type of green building: The Net Zero building. These net zero buildings are all about producing the same amount of energy as the building uses, thus resulting in a net energy level of zero. Before with green buildings many people felt that they just couldn’t be used for high production when it came to buildings, such as factories or even just massive complexes of 200 or more housing units. These kinds of places just didn’t seem applicable to a green living, because so much power was needed in such a small place.

But the net zero building provides a unique design that is built from the ground up and entirely designed to provide all the energy the facility would need over the course of a year. The structures utilize things like plants and solar panels as windows and roof pieces to provide a means of gaining energy regularly. The whole reason these types of buildings have been taking off as the new thing though is simply that it makes financial sense with them. If you could build a place that produced all the energy it would need, and already circulated into the system, essentially on its own grid, or build something that has to be hooked into the city’s grid and consuming power and resources and extra money, which would you pick? Of course you go with the place that will cost less in the long run because the building materials are all around the same.

This net zero building system of course is only effective for buildings that haven’t been made yet though. As they require to be built from the ground up with the mentality and ideas in mind. Still, it provides green buildings with a cornerstone market and financial power, which means it may not be long before no new homes are being built without them being green or at least net zero.