The Many Benefits of Home Energy Audits

Whether we realize it or not, our homes are constantly using energy. In many cases, this is a good thing and we are actively aware of the process. In others, excess energy gets consumed and wasted, costing the homeowner money for no good reason. Fortunately, a home energy audit can provide you with a thorough and detailed analysis of exactly how much energy is being used on a daily basis. In fact, there are several benefits that go along with scheduling an audit.

One of the main goals of an energy audit is to help the homeowner save money. Surprisingly, there are a few ways than an audit can do this. First and foremost, the final report can detail how to cut down on energy use, which will in turn lower monthly bills. But did you know that lower energy use can actually increase a home’s resale value? In fact, some studies suggest that a home’s value rises by $20 every time its yearly energy costs are lowered by $1.

Conserving energy is also beneficial to the overall environment. Greenhouse gases can lead to increase global temperatures, holes in the O-Zone layer, and other potentially harmful effects. Almost 1/5 of greenhouse gas emissions in the country come from residential homes, but energy audits can help to reduce this number.

Finally, an energy audit can lead to a more comfortable home with an overall healthier environment. During the process of the audit, hidden problems may be uncovered including things like mold growth, unsealed windows, and improper ventilation. Once the homeowner has the full report, they will be able to act quickly to correct any and all problems.

An energy audit requires no effort from the homeowner, yet provides them with almost countless benefits. For more details about how an energy audit can help you, give us a call now!

3 Responses to The Many Benefits of Home Energy Audits

  1. It’s interesting how you said that an energy audit for a home can help you to know how to cut down on energy usage. My wife and I have been wanting to save some more money in order to go on a nice family vacation in a year or two. We’ll have to hire someone to help us know what we can do in our house so we can a bit more than we are now.

  2. It’s really nice how you said that an energy audit can help to reduce your emissions created from your house. This would be really helpful because it would probably help you to save some money as well. That way you can both keep your money and also help to make the environment just a little bit more healthy.

  3. I am thinking about making my home more energy efficient and it makes sense that one of the first things I should do is get an energy audit. This way I can see where I am wasting the most energy and what needs to be improved. Also, I like that you talk about the benefits of an energy efficient home for the environment as well as raise the value of my home!

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