Thinking Green: Rebuilding California Homes Affected by Wildfires

Calling the wildfires that devastated the state of California “catastrophic” would be a hefty understatement.

In 2018, there were more than 8,500 wildfires in California that affected almost 2 million acres of land.

Rebuilding Homes in CaliforniaMost notably, the Camp Fire that took place in Northern California and the Woolsey Fire that took place in Southern California had a huge impact on millions of people throughout those regions, causing irreparable damage to thousands of homes throughout the state.

The wildfires’ recorded death toll as of today is 91, with over 1,000 missing persons at one point.

That number has been fortunately decreasing with time.

Many California residents who lost their homes to these wildfires that swept through the state are just now starting the process of rebuilding. Why not make even more of an impact by rebuilding homes in the greenest way possible?

Green rebuilding in California

There’s been a big push for people to take steps to make their new homes as eco-friendly as they can be.

Climate change is one of the many things that’s been blamed for many of the California wildfires. So, why not make a stronger effort to build homes that fight back against climate change?

This initiative calls for home builders, architects, and others to design and build homes that cut back on the carbon emissions that are created both during home construction and after homes are built.

The effect on air quality

Additionally, those who are going to be rebuilding homes must keep in mind that there are many parts of California that were exposed to hazardous chemicals and toxins during the wildfires.

These chemicals and toxins affected the air quality in the state and could very well affect water and soil in certain areas for years to come.

It’s time to come together and rebuild California the right way—the green way!

At Rick’s Energy Solutions, we’ve been providing green building design and energy consulting services in California for years now, and we’re also concerned about the way California is going to rebound and rebuild following 2018’s devastating wildfires.

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