What Does It Mean to Be GreenPoint Rated?

Here at Ricks Energy Solutions, we use the GreenPoint Rating system to evaluate how energy-efficient and environmentally friendly your home is. But what exactly does that mean?

GreenPoint Ratings are essentially a system put in place by the non-profit organization based in California geared at promoting healthy, energy- and resource-efficient buildings. GreenPoint Rated houses are rated in five categories – energy efficiency, resource conservation, indoor air quality, water conservation, and community. If all of the minimum standards in all five categories are met, then the home has the right to bear the GreenPoint Rated seal. All of the evaluations are undertaken solely by certified experts in the field.

Homebuyers can rest assured that their houses not only meet, but also exceed state standards for health and environmental performance. All homes are eligible to be evaluated by the GreenPoint system. However, because new homes and remodeled homes are such different undertakings, there are two branches to evaluate these differentiating circumstances: GreenPoint Rated New Home and GreenPoint Rated Existing Model.

The rating process is merely a physical examination combined with a compilation of supporting documents at a property. No invasive technical probing is necessary. The will assess construction methods, construction quality, indoor air quality, energy and water efficiency, and resource efficiency of the materials used in the project.

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Source: http://greenpointrated.com/faq/