What to Expect with Renewable Energy in 2019

This is about to be a huge year for renewables. With states and cities leading the way in innovation, and the private sector increasingly willing to switch over to green, we’re finally starting to get some momentum with renewable energy efforts. And that will really come into focus in the coming months.

Here’s what to expect with renewable energy in 2019!

Private and public commitments will surge

Renewable Energy TrendsWe’ve already seen several big deal commitments from cities, states, and corporations alike, as more and more entities are looking to switch over their portfolios almost entirely to green energy.

With new information coming out from the U.N. about the extent of climate change’s impact, expect that to hit hyper speed in 2019. (Especially with oil companies, surprisingly enough.)

Developing world will advance in renewables

This is one trend we’re excited about: it seems more apparent with each passing day that developing countries are joining the renewable energy movement, as we see more investment in smaller, less wealthy countries to fully grasp the power of solar, wind, and other green energy sources.

This emerging market is expected to expand even greater into the new year, and we can’t wait to see what that means for the rest of the world.

Expect batteries to make a big play

There’s another trend that we believe is only just getting started: energy storage.

Research into how energy can be stored into minimal spaces with maximal impact has hit record highs, and we seem to be nearing a battery of improved power that can fit into the size of a brick.

And rural will cash in, too

When we think of renewable energy’s potential, we often think of urban or suburban tracts—large swaths of people plugged into a new energy grid, with the ability to power thousands of homes.

But there are some serious advances being made in rural areas. That will only continue in 2019—and we’re all about it.

As we said, 2019 is about to be big. At Rick’s Energy Solutions, we’re ready to help you be a part of the initiative! Give us a call at 707-578-5380 today to learn more about our green building solutions.