Your Goals for Rebuilding Home After Wildfires

Preventing devastation in our community from future wildfires is the state of California’s number one priority. California is looking to improve the health and safety of homes through different Green Building tactics, so that our future can be dedicated to fighting harmful climate impacts and doing our part as citizens in joining the cause.

Rebuilding home after wildfire

What Should Be Your Goals as a Homeowner?

If you have been devastated with the loss of your home, and you need to rebuild, keep these things in mind for goals moving forward:

Eliminating Carbon Footprint – We must think of our homes as tools to help prevent climate change and eliminate our carbon footprint. The design of your home should follow Green Building Codes and Green energy standards.

Health and Safety as a Priority – When rebuilding, you should be making it a priority that the environment you live in is healthy for you and your family. Green Home Energy Analysis should be conducted by a professional to make sure your home is a healthy environment to live in.

Cutting Energy Costs – It’s important to think about cutting your energy costs when rebuilding your home after the wildfires. Green Home Energy Solutions consulted by Rick’s Energy Solutions will help you cut energy costs by improving energy efficiency in your home through duct redesign, windows upgrade, insulation improvement, and more!

Title 24 Compliant

When working with Rick’s Energy Solutions, many of our projects achieve the compliance margins that are 20% or more than the current standards required for energy efficiency, which means some qualify for local and statewide cash incentives. If you want to change the way you live, be rewarded, and help the environment, then Rick’s Energy Solutions should be your first choice when it comes to green home energy solutions. Contact us at 707-578-5380 today!