California Building Energy Efficient Code: Effective Jan 1, 2020

There are upcoming changes to the Energy Code that will apply to any building permit that is submitted to the building department on or after their last business day of 2019. We want every homeowner and business owner to be aware of the changes and application process. This is important for applicants to get their plans and permit applications submitted well before the effective date.

rebuilding home after wildfire

Building Energy Efficiency Standards

These standards put in place for building and rebuilding are in place to eliminate wasteful and inefficient consumption of energy. The purpose is to improve outdoor and indoor environmental quality by improving energy use in homes and commercial buildings. The Clean energy movement is tied with all the buildings Californians buy and live in.

Ultimately, they will cost less to operate saving you money on energy bills and have healthy indoor air quality.

New Standards

The new standards will include solar projects required in every new build, battery storage and heat pump water heaters, high performance attics, walls and windows. In nonresidential buildings, the use of LED technology will update indoor and outdoor lighting. The new standards will help move California in the direction of getting to 100% renewable energy. This is important for the state and the country to help the environment and improve our lives.

Some building departments close for vacations prior to the end of the year, so it is extremely important for applicants to get their plans and permit applications submitted well before the date of the new code. This will ensure everything is in and in order.

Rick’s Energy Solutions

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