California Making Green Strides towards Net-Zero with Solar Panels

As we know, California has always been at the forefront of green energy. Our emission limits are now national industry standards, and innovation on the local level is often adopted by cities and municipalities everywhere.

Perhaps nowhere is this momentum more apparent than in Sonoma County, where net-zero energy home construction is quickly becoming the norm.

With that being said, Sonoma County stands to benefit greatly from California’s latest initiative: changes in the state’s building code announced this week will soon require solar panels on new home construction in California, another major boost to an already-burgeoning movement.

Solar Panels on Roof of House in CaliforniaOur county is currently home to the Clean Power Advanced Energy Rebuild Program, which offers tax rebates for homes being constructed with near- or even-zero energy designs. But this new initiative goes even further than that, with the mission of establishing a clear vision of an emissions-free zero future for new homes from the offset. We’re happy to see the great state of California picking up on these ideas, and taking them to the next level.

While the costs of construction could rise by at least $8,000 due to the new rules, homeowners are about to produce energy savings that will easily make up the costs. In general, these energy solutions hold immense savings for homeowners—they enhance a house’s structural integrity, add back to the local energy grid, and raise property value in the long term. There’s really no reason not to go net-zero.

And at Rick’s Energy Solutions, we offer a diverse portfolio of consulting services to our clients, with an extensive track record of bringing houses into the net-zero future. If you have any questions or concerns regarding California’s latest announcement or are looking to join the green movement, contact us today!