Energy Companies Going Green

It’s no secret that green energy solutions are taking over the energy around the globe, and some energy companies are transitioning into this as well. Big power companies like National Grid are developing wind and solar energy while staying away from large-scale developing and rooftop solar. But why are these major companies going green? It’s because they have to.

wind turbines in rolling hills

It’s Now the Cheapest Option

According to a recent study by the International Renewable Energy Agency, unsubsidized renewable energy is the cheapest option compared to fossil-fuel energy options. This is big news for the green energy movement because that means the progression of green energy solutions is increasing even more rapidly in the right direction. At this point, politicians can’t keep making excuses to going back to the old ways of energy resources, which cause environmental problems.

So, is this relevant to individuals and homeowners?

Yes, this is absolutely relevant. This means that the world is moving in the right direction when it comes to renewable energy. Countries around the globe are making moves to go fully green with their energy solutions. This also means that homeowners and businesses are jumping on the train. We realize the cost is much less than traditional energy sources, so home owners are going green with their homes.

Green Home Energy Solutions from Rick’s Energy Solutionscan help you cut energy costs and help the environment at the same time. Why should we have to pay extra in energy costs when we can have solutions that make the world a greener place?

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