Solar Energy Ideas for Your Home

It is possible to cut down on energy costs with your house, and solar energy is one way to do this.  There are different ways to harness the solar energy to power your home. Most people don’t realize that there are other ways besides installing solar panels to power your home via solar energy.

solar panels idea for roof in backyard

Solar Panels – one of the most common methods, typically they are installed on the roof of the home or garage. You can also install them in your yard, and only a few square feet of solar panels should be enough to power most of your needs. Solar shingles are also an option. They take the place of your roof tiles. When the sun is down though, you’ll need to invest in another type of renewable energy or grid electricity.

Solar Oven – this seems like a school project, but it can be very efficient for cutting your costs on electricity since an oven uses quite a bit of it. You can build your own or buy one. They heat your food, and they will work during a power outage.

Solar Water Heating – these heaters harness the sun to heat water that can be pumped through the radiators or out the faucets and showerheads. This is a much cheaper system than gas or electricity.

Solar Air Conditioning – Air conditioning can be very expensive, so why not try using the same method in the solar water heating system to cool your home? This is exactly what this does. If you live in a hot climate, this is a perfect solution to help you save money and help the environment.

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